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Through FAQs (frequently asked questions) answers to the most common questions among candidates who aspire to achieve one of the places in Medicine (MIR), Pharmacy (FIR), Nursing (EIR) and the field of Psychology (PIR), Chemistry (QIR), Biology (BIR) and Physics (RFIR) of this call.

– Electronic registration of applications: This is the general system, being mandatory for all persons who have a DNI/NIE. The identification systems admitted for the presentation of the application will be: Recognized electronic certificate of natural person or Permanent [email protected]

The signature systems accepted for submitting the application will be: [email protected] and [email protected] You can find more information at: Pdf The electronic submission of applications will entail the electronic signature of the application and the electronic payment of the examination fee, and the applicant will be responsible for any bank charges and commissions that may arise.

What does a BIR mean?

The Biologist Intern Resident (BIR) is the specialized health training for biologists, biochemists and biotechnologists. Basically, it is the only way to obtain the title of Specialist Biologist and to be able to work in a hospital, either public or private.

What is the BIR exam like?

Review. Since 2012, the BIR exam consists of a total of 225 multiple-choice questions (and another 10 reserve questions in case any of the previous ones are cancelled). It is held in a single day of 5 hours duration, on the same day and at the same time throughout Spain.

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Who can do the BIR?

Who can sit for the BIR exam? Biologists, biochemists, biotechnologists and biotechnologists, and related careers who have completed the corresponding undergraduate or graduate studies at the time of registration for the exam are eligible to sit for the BIR exam.

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How many questions are the BIR?

The BIR exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions to which we must add 10 more reserve questions, making a total of 185 questions.

How much is earned with the BIR?

How much does a first year resident earn as a BIR? The gross monthly salary of a first-year resident without shifts varies from 1,137 €/month in Navarra to 2,112 €/month in Ceuta and Melilla. This is due to the autonomy that each community has in its health competences.

Why do the BIR?

3. What is the BIR for? Passing the BIR allows access to the Specialized Health Training (FSE), a four-year period to train and obtain the official title of Area Specialist Physician (FEA).

What is bir on the keyboard

The Ministry of Health has published a document with the most frequently asked questions for applicants to the exams to access a place in Specialized Health Training (FSE) in Medicine (MIR), Nursing (EIR), Pharmacy (EIR), Psychology (PIR), Chemistry (QIR), Biology (BIR) and Physics (RFIR).

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Applicants must have a DNI or NIE: the identification systems accepted will be: Recognized electronic certificate of natural person or [email protected] Permanent (the permitted signature systems will be [email protected] and [email protected]).  Applications must be signed electronically together with the payment of the relevant examination fees and commissions. The documents proving the requirements must be attached in PDF. More information can be found at this link.

In the case of wishing to present academic merits, the supporting documentation must be presented at the time of submitting the application for admission, even if these merits have been presented in any previous call for applications.

What does a biologist do in a hospital?

The work of a biologist

Health professional specialized in clinical laboratory work for the analysis of human reproduction, nutrition, animal and plant health as well as other aspects of public health.

How much does a resident biologist intern earn?

The salary of a Resident Intern Biologist depends on the number of contracts, the number of shifts per month, the specialty chosen, among others, and can reach a salary of approximately 1,161.30 euros per month, with certain variations.

What do you do after the BIR?

Among the professional opportunities for this type of professionals are the incorporation in private companies, such as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, pre-university teaching (for which it is necessary to complete a master’s degree in teaching), biomedical research through the incorporation in a research group, and the …

Registration mir 2022

Access to this training program is through a competitive examination, in which the academic record accounts for 10%, while the BIR examination accounts for the remaining 90%. The call for applications is annual, and is published in the BOE by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

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Since the score of this exam accounts for 90% of the overall qualification for access to the specialist training position, the preparation of the BIR exam constitutes the fundamental part of the competitive examination to obtain a BIR position.

There is also a cut-off mark which will be set at each call at 35% of the arithmetic mean obtained by the ten best exams. The candidates whose particular evaluation of the exam is equal to or higher than 35% of the average of the ten best exams will pass the exam.

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