What is a car Vin?

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Now that you know the correct way of HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR VEHICLE through the VIN, you should know that this serial NIV chassis identification number, made up of 17 DIGITS DULY CODED, is STRUCTURED IN THREE DIFFERENT SECTIONS, whose structure and correlative order of each of its digits, is regulated by the ISO 3779 Standard, which standard is COMPULSORY FOR ALL VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS worldwide.

This is one of the MOST RESERVED SUBJECTS in vehicle identification; because many times we ask ourselves, how to know if a VIN is false? And it is right there, when answering this question, where the “Check digit” or “VIN check digit” takes center stage.

The check digit, also called vehicle key or vehicle series, is the RESULT OF A MATHEMATICAL ECUATION developed with the 17 DIGITS THAT INTEGRATE THE VIN. In the following video we show you FROM ZERO, the CORRECT WAY to solve the CHECK DIGIT equation:

What is the VIN number of my car?

Probably the simplest way to find the 17-digit number is, from outside the vehicle, to look at the dashboard on the driver’s side. In the corner where the dash meets the windshield you will find the 17-digit VIN number.

How do I know the VIN of my car?

In a car the VIN is usually located in a visible place in the engine compartment, at the bottom of the front window, on one of the driver’s door pillars and sometimes in the trunk or under the driver’s or passenger’s floor mat.

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How to read the VIN code of a Nissan?

Look on the Nissan dashboard on the driver’s side. The VIN number will be stamped on a thin plate and attached to the dashboard near the windshield. You will see a seventeen-character line, consisting of digits and letters.

How to know what engine my car has with vin

Everyone, no matter if it is a car, motorcycle, truck, trailer or any other type of vehicle, must have a VIN code in a visible part. This code is composed of 17 characters and is approved worldwide. The code has several groups of characters, each containing different information. The first group of 3 characters indicates which company manufactured the car; the second group of 6 characters indicates its general characteristics; the third group of 8 characters indicates its original appearance.

Now that you know what the VIN of a car is, you must learn how to identify when a code has been adulterated, to avoid losing your money and becoming a victim of fraud. The first thing you should do is verify that the code on the documents is the same as the one on the bodywork; if they do not match, you are looking at an obvious fraud.

Where to check the VIN of a car for free?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB.org) makes it easy for you with its VIN vehicle identification number verification tool. The site will tell you if your vehicle has been: Reported as lost or stolen.

What do the digits 4 to 8 of the VIN indicate?

4 through 8 describe the model, body type, fastening system, transmission type and engine code. The ninth number is the check digit, which is used to detect fraudulent VINs.

How to identify the year of a vehicle with the serial number?

The number ten designates the year of the car. Each year has a code, from the years 80 to 2000, each one had a letter, for example from 2000 it was Y. From 2001 onwards, code 1 was assigned for that year, for 2002 it is 2 and so on.

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My car does not have the vin on the dashboard

Did you know that every modern car has a VIN code? It is important for you to know what the VIN of a car is, as well as why it is so important to be protected against theft and to have security when buying cars.

The VIN code is divided into three parts. The first three characters make up the Worldwide Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). These specify the country of manufacture, manufacturer and vehicle type respectively.

A good practice before buying a car is to look up the VIN of the vehicle. Once found, validate that it matches the car’s documents that the seller has. You should pay attention if the VIN is erased or if some components are different.

Additionally, when the car is stolen, the VIN can be used to report it by calling 133. Therefore, it is important to have the VIN of your car written down in a safe place. On the other hand, from Carabineros de Chile we can consult a VIN code to make sure that the car is not requested for theft.

What do the 17 digits of the VIN mean?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an international standard consisting of 17 alphanumeric characters that allows you to identify and know the registration of a car, SUV or truck.

What do the chassis numbers mean?

A vehicle identification number (VIN), chassis number or VIN is a unique 17-digit alphanumeric code assigned to each vehicle by the manufacturer. The VIN describes the version, model and year of a vehicle, the country in which it was manufactured, the engine type and other details.

Where can I check the serial number of a motor?

The engine number is affixed to the engine with a metal tag. On the other hand, the chassis number is found on the Vehicle Identification Number, also called VIN or VIN, so you will need to have this information to know it.

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