What is an etch code?


In this case, fiber lasers are most often used in many industries to mark and engrave many types of materials. Some examples of markings used in many industries are bar codes, QR codes or expiration dates. Once we have the finished product, it is very easy to implement permanent markings with a fiber laser.

Fiber lasers can be found in different types of machines, but this time we are talking about laser marking machines. These are 20W, 30W or 50W machines that allow marking a very specific area with laser. Normally, very superficial marks are implemented, but of high quality and achieving very defined details. However, depending on the power, even deeper engravings can be achieved. It all depends on the material we are working with and the type of marking.

Laser engraving of barcodes on plastic objects lasertextil

It is important to know that, when recording a macro, the macro recorder captures almost every movement you make. Thus, if you make a mistake in the sequence (for example, clicking on a button that you did not mean to click), the macro recorder will record it. The solution is to re-record the entire sequence or modify the VBA code. For this reason, whenever you record something, it is best to record a process with which you are already quite familiar. If you record a sequence in a simple way, the macro will run more efficiently when you play it back.

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There are numerous methods of running a macro, for example, using a shortcut key, a chart object, the quick access toolbar, a button, or even opening a book.

You can work with code recorded in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and add your own variables, control structures and other code that the macro recorder cannot record. Since the macro recorder captures virtually every step you follow during recording, you can also clean up any recorded code that has no purpose in the macro. Reviewing recorded code is a good way to learn or improve your VBA programming skills.

Metal key laser engraving

In these codes the data is encoded in the height and length of the symbol and can store a large amount of data. In addition to storing a large amount of information, two-dimensional codes can be read quickly and reliably, without the need to access a database where such information is stored, as is the case with one-dimensional codes. Depending on the type of code, up to almost 7,000 characters can be stored.

Depending on the application and material, a different technique is used to mark the parts directly. The most common are ink printing, laser marking (mainly CO2 or fiber) or micro-percussion. If the durability of the code is very important, it is preferable to use laser or micro-percussion because the result is indelible, i.e. the engraving alters the material itself, so it is permanent and does not fade over time.

How to create g-code for laser engraving on Aspire ! | LiteFire

Gravestones with QR codes are becoming more and more common. These codes make it possible to connect the visitor to a specific website via the internet on smartphones or tablets connected to the internet. This modern form of mourning can also be adopted on already installed gravestones, as the QR code can be engraved directly on the stone without dismantling it.

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In order to engrave a weather-resistant QR code on natural stone and any other material, the sandblasting system must be used. Thanks to the innovative suction blasting system, the engraving of a QR code on a tombstone can be done easily, quickly and cleanly. No special knowledge or special safety measures are required. Systeco suction blasting machines are light, compact and easy to transport. They are not particularly noisy and are completely environmentally friendly, so that they can be used directly in the cemetery. All that is needed to engrave QR codes on gravestones is the right grit (granulate) and a connection to the normal power supply.