What is CCW in Cisco?


Optionally, you can select the Apply to all lines checkbox if you want the modification to propagate to all lines.Click Save.

Note: You cannot edit the email of the provisioning contact for items that are beyond the point of no return (PONR), which is now the start of provisioning.A message in the pencil icon that appears when you hover over it will indicate that the provisioning contact cannot be edited when provisioning has already started.

Configuring NAT for a Stratix 5700 Switch

Cloud/SaaS Budgets Partner Software Training Session Schedule Partner Software Training Session Scheduling Live Training Activity Time Role Description Management Application Software

Cisco Software: Smart Licensing Management with Smart Accounts Partners and Customers Schedule Customer Software Training Sessions Schedule Live Training Activity

Cisco Software: Budgeting and Ordering for Cisco Partners Enterprise Agreement Subscriptions Note: Presentation screens may vary slightly from the tools.

Simplifying the Cisco Software Experience Overview and Creation of a Smart Account on Cisco Software Central (CSC) for Direct Partners Presenter Position June 205 Note: The

Smart Net Total Care Portal FAQ The Cisco Smart Net Total Care portal is a valuable tool that provides inventory management, contracts, and alerts about the


Resources to help you work with MerakiCisco Certification and OnboardingMeraki TrainingBusiness ProcessVertical MarketTech Data can help you become a Cisco Registered Reseller. The local Tech Data/MBA team will provide you with best-in-class support for Cisco reseller onboarding and enablement. The team provides expert assistance on all aspects of Cisco programs, processes and incentives, as well as advice on training, specializations and business development.

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While Cisco Meraki is achieving great success in most industries, strong penetration has been achieved in the Retail, Education, Healthcare, and Hospitality and Tourism verticals.See specific vertical market information and case studies here:

Virtual Wireless Lan Controller Installation

Following a successful pilot phase, Tech Data has announced the availability of 1Source, an online self-service portal within its InTouch e-commerce platform, which generates Cisco solution quotations in real time, speeding up and simplifying the process of converting the various proposals registered in the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) system into firm bids.

1Source is fully integrated with CCW, so as soon as the data is in the Cisco platform it is also available to Tech Data partners, which means they can start building their bids and quotes, providing a faster and more responsive service to their customers. The tool is already used by the majority of Cisco partners managed by Tech Data.

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