What is CSP bank account?

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provided that the Third Party Service Provider is open and transparent as to its identity and acts in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements (however, unless PSC says otherwise, the Customer must not give its security details to a third party). PSC will treat any order from a third party supplier as if it were from the Customer itself.

A.3. if the Customer believes that a payment has been made incorrectly or without authorization, the Customer must bring this to PSC’s attention as soon as possible even if the Customer uses a third party supplier.

8.2. At any time PSC is entitled to request the Customer to confirm that the Customer’s information provided in the customer area is correct and up to date through appropriate checks.

9.1. The Customer is obliged to protect his access data as well as the existing security settings against unlawful use by third parties. In particular and in his own interest, the access data must not be written down in a legible form for third parties. (subject to clause 5.)

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Since September 2011 we have been authorized to act as PAC by the SAT, ranking among the top 3 suppliers in the market with 5.03% of the CFDIs issued in the country, also generating more than 47 million invoices and statements stamped per month. This made us a company specialized in high volume stamping and value added services.

To guarantee Clearing House services for interbank electronic transactions to generate efficiencies and operational benefits common to the banking industry, through high quality technological services, continuity and security.

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The socialist Helena Bayo, is the deputy who has declared more assets, worth 2.3 million euros, in the new Catalan parliament, followed by another socialist, the veteran Assumpta Escarp. The leader of the CUP and former mayor of Badalona, Dolors Sabater, participates by inheritance in real estate assets valued at 1.2 million euros, but her participation is less than 10% in these properties, which means that the value of her assets is 127,158 euros.

The ranking of patrimony is led by the orchestra conductor Helena Bayo, new deputy for the PSC, who declares nine real estate properties for a total value of 2.3 million euros. She is followed by the also socialist Assumpta Escarp, with a total patrimony of 1.5 million euros.

The next is the lawyer of Carles Puigdemont, Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, with a declared patrimony of 1,245,799, in his case divided between real estate and corporate shares. Far behind is the former president of the Cambra, the businessman Joan Canadell, who declares 643,000 euros, of which 385,000 correspond to the companies of his gas stations.

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This basic payment account must guarantee services such as direct debit of bills, use of debit or prepaid cards, transfers, fund deposits and cash withdrawals at the entity or at ATMs.

Entities may deny access to these accounts in a few cases, such as if the potential customer does not provide the required information on the risk of money laundering or terrorist financing, or if the user already holds an account that allows him/her to perform the same services.

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The regulation establishes the right to transfer to another entity or within the same entity and this obligation affects not only the entities, but all payment service providers. The transfer must be made within a maximum of 13 days and may be refused if the customer has outstanding obligations on the account.