Windows 10 Recording

It is necessary to have the option to record the desktop enabled to be able to record it, this way we can do it using the keyboard shortcuts, just like in games. Do not worry if you do not know how it works, we will tell you how.

Now we just have to navigate through the different settings we have available to configure the video we are going to record and where to save it. We can also configure how to start recording in a quick way using keyboard shortcuts.

Now we can start making our recordings. All this configuration that we have done, and some more that are available, also serves us to record our games with this NVIDIA GeForce Experience software. Now let’s see how to record, in a very simple way, our desktop.

What is the Windows registry and what is it for?

The Windows registry system is an operational interface provided by Windows as a very useful resource for saving user settings, saving paths to files or folders and keeping a backup of the drivers used for the computer hardware, as well as basic computer settings, Data …

What is a reg file?

REG files are commonly found on computers and other devices running the Windows operating system. These files update, repair and store data from the Windows registry, a Windows database that stores information about the software installed on the device when you run it.

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What is the registration key?

In Mexico, the Clave Única de Registro de Población (known as the CURP) is a unique 18-character alphanumeric identity code used to officially identify both residents and Mexican citizens throughout the country.

Create script to modify windows registry

Until now recording a conversation on most Windows Mobile devices was a rather complicated task, usually with low quality results. This has changed recently with a program that modifies the operating system registry and allows you to record calls.

This hack works on quite a few handsets and with different Rom versions. In addition to the modification, which serves to pick up the sound of the internal speaker and microphone, it is necessary to have a recording program running in the background that we will have to run manually. Resco Audio Recorder, Vito AudioNotes or even the recorder included in Windows Mobile can be used to store conversations.

What is the Windows 10 registry?

The Windows 10 registry is a database where the operating system stores information necessary for the management of installed applications, hardware devices and settings of the user(s) using the personal computer.

What can be done with the Windows registry?

Regedit or regedit.exe is a standard Windows file that opens the system’s native registry editor. It allows you to view and edit keys and values in the Windows registry. The file is located in the Windows directory (usually C:Windows) and can be started by double-clicking it.

How to create a reg?

In the menu, select “File” – “Save as”. In the “File type” field, make sure to select “All files”, specify the save location and make sure that the file has a . reg extension.

Regedit windows 7

Today we are going to present you 27 tricks for Windows 10 focused on productivity. That is, to help you work faster or more efficiently. We will therefore avoid tips more related to personalization or games.

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If you use Cortana, it can be a great help, but if you are not convinced by the system, the space it occupies in the taskbar could be used to display icons of other applications that you use more frequently.

Windows 10 includes support for virtual desktops which, as its name suggests, is something like separate workspaces. This way, you can maintain different profiles for work, personal stuff and games. The applications still all run on the same instance of Windows, although the difference is that the windows belong to a certain desktop and do not appear on the rest.

The virtual desktops help you to organize and separate tasks and its use is very simple. First you must open the task view (shortcut: Windows + Tab) and then click on New desktop. Then you can switch between the different desktops using this same window.

Where is the CRIP located?

It is currently available on the CURP website, and its format has changed to a longer and simpler version, which includes the name, password, date of issue, folio number and the state where the person was registered, as well as the barcode and QR code.

Where is the Windows 10 registry saved?

The configuration of the Windows registry, and therefore, that of the entire operating system is stored in the “Config” directory, inside the “System32” directory of the main “Windows” folder. And the personal configuration of each user is stored in the file “NTUSER.

What can be done with the registry editor?

In short, regedit.exe is the software with which you can view and modify the database that stores all Windows 10 settings and configurations, installed applications and user accounts on a computer.

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Windows Registry Editor

In the left pane, right-click on the name of the data collector set you have created and click Start. The Windows Performance Monitor tool starts monitoring the server and storing information in the location you have specified.

In order for PerfMon to collect data from other computers, you need to make sure that the other computers are accessible, i.e. they are on the same network and do not have firewall rules preventing access. The firewall rules you need to set up vary depending on the version of Windows, so you may need to contact your network administrator for more information. In addition, you should check that the user account Run as has permission to collect data from remote computers. By default, PerfMon runs the data collector set as the SYSTEM user. To change the Run As user, perform the following steps:

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