What is kennel registration?

License for dog kennels

The Animal Health Service of the Junta de Extremadura is responsible for the evaluation of these documents. Frequently, corrections to the content of these documents are required, among other reasons due to the complexity of the applicable legislation, which often leads to a loss of efficiency and delays in the registration procedures. In order to speed up the authorizations, a simplified model of technical-zoosanitary report has been prepared, which can be found in the following link:

It is strongly recommended to the interested parties, both kennel owners and veterinary technical directors, the presentation of these simplified models and not other types of reports or sanitary programs that could foreseeably lengthen the administrative procedure.

Zoological nucleus

Following the same steps of the previous section, once the form 030 has been filled in, it can be printed (3 copies) and the payment can be made at the bank, where the payment receipt will be stamped. The collaborating banks can be consulted in the payment service mentioned above.

You will be provided with a document indicating the days of stay of the animal in CIAAM and the actual amount you should have paid to attach it to your claim (you can use the model of calculation of amounts).

Our interest is to develop in the new generations, the love of animals from a responsible point of view, with a knowledge of their needs, their care, their education and the respect they deserve.

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It is located in Colmenar Viejo and has the capacity to accommodate up to 250 animals. It has an animal collection vehicle; a training classroom; two office pavilions; and three warehouses for animal housing.

Regulations for dog daycare in colombia

The keeping of domestic animals and the measures to be adopted regarding their coexistence with humans is already regulated in a municipal ordinance on the protection and keeping of these animals, which is based on the general principle of the non-existence of a prohibition on keeping dogs in private homes, although it makes their keeping conditional on the optimal hygienic circumstances of their housing, the absence of health risks and the non-generation of discomfort or annoyance to neighbors (articles 1.1. 4.2, 5 and 11). Likewise, the Ordinance of Citizen Coexistence establishes that all citizens are obliged to respect the rest of the neighbors and to avoid the production of noises that alter the normal coexistence (article 11).

From the foregoing it can be inferred that in situations where the keeping of dogs within the urban area may cause noise, odors or pest proliferation nuisances, the municipal Administration has various instruments for action, in addition to being able to carry out periodic inspections of the place denounced, without prior notice to the owner or keeper of the animals, in order to verify the facts denounced.

What the new animal welfare law consists of

The Association for the Defense of Animals (Adana) will ask the city council to create a register of animals entering and leaving the kennel, to identify them and control the deadlines for adoption and slaughter. The president of Adana, Enrique Mendoza, will raise it to the councilman Hernández Carrón in an upcoming meeting to take stock of the first eight months of joint management.

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Mendoza stressed that the registry will avoid coordination problems between Adana volunteers and officials, who sometimes give up for adoption dogs that are already pending to be collected. And it would make it possible to control the stay before slaughter.

Adana has developed a computer program and has bought a hundred collars with tags, “so that the dogs are identified automatically; now the process is manual, writing down the dog’s characteristics on a card, which often causes similar dogs to be confused”. To operate, they only need the city council to provide a computer.