What is the difference between registration and register?

Sunarp explains the importance of registering a real estate property

The trademark identifies the product or service. The trade name identifies the entrepreneur who produces, offers or markets them. On the other hand, the right over the trademark is acquired with its registration, while the right over the trade name is acquired with its use. Therefore, the right to the trademark is lost if the registration is not renewed, while the right to the trade name is lost if it is not used continuously.

On the other hand, the commercial registration does not generate exclusivity or industrial property rights. The registration in the commercial registry kept by the Chambers of Commerce constitutes the fulfillment of one of the obligations that the merchant must comply with and its function is to serve as a means to attest the existence, incorporation, representation and corporate purpose of a legal entity. However, it is quite possible that the corporate name chosen to name the company and register it in the commercial registry, coincides with the commercial name already chosen by the company or entrepreneur to identify itself in commerce.

What is the difference between registration and subscription?

A registration is made to a club, school, group. In other words, it represents the act of joining a community. A subscription is made to a newspaper, magazine, cable television system. In other words, it represents the act of acquiring a recurring service.

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What is a registration record?

Inscription is the action and effect of inscribing (recording signs or an image, noting the name of a person for a given object). The term is used to name the annotation or registration of someone or something.

What is registration and enrollment?

Matriculation (from the Latin mater) or registration, is a record of certain personal data in a file in order to be part of some educational institution or to validate the possession and use of a vehicle before the authorities.

What does registration in the commercial register consist of?

In general terms, birth registration is the process of officially registering a birth with a government authority, and a birth certificate is the document issued by the State to the parents or caregivers as a result of this process. A birth certificate proves that registration has occurred.

In other cases, parents may be unaware of birth registration or may not understand its importance. Cost is also a significant barrier: parents may not have the resources to meet the costs associated with registration, including the expense of travel to registration sites or late fees.

Some ethnic or religious minorities have lower birth registration rates than the national average. This may be because their culture places more emphasis on other customs (such as naming ceremonies), or because they are marginalized and often live in remote areas, or are not recognized by their governments.

What does school enrollment mean?

Enrollment is the process that regulates the entry, re-entry and registration of children and young people to a preschool, elementary or secondary education grade in order to facilitate their continuity through the National Education System.

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What is a subscription service?

A subscription service is the commitment of a person (the subscriber) to periodically receive a service by subscription, consisting, for example, of receiving a monthly publication, subscribing to a paid TV series channel (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc.), to a gym, to a stamp collection …

What must be registered in the Public Registry of Commerce?

The Public Registry of Commerce registers mercantile acts, as well as those related to merchants and which, according to the law, require it. … For these purposes there will be offices of the Public Registry of Commerce in each federal entity that demands mercantile traffic.

Learn how to renew and the different steps to be taken

The filing entry is the one made by the Registrar in the Daily Book when documents are presented to him, recording the date and time of filing. This principle is subject to an expiration period, and will expire within the term established for this purpose if the subsequent registration entry is not made.

The registration entries are definitive entries through which certain facts, acts or rights affecting real estate are registered and published in the Land Registry.

What must be registered in the Commercial Registry?

The Commercial Registry is where the facts and acts relating to individual entrepreneurs and commercial companies are registered, in order to publicize them so that they may be known by the persons contracting with them.

What does it mean to be enrolled?

When a student wishes to study at an educational institute, he or she must first enroll: that is, register with the institution by following certain formal steps. Enrollment usually requires the payment of a fee, which is also referred to as matriculation.

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What is my school registration number?

In Basic Education, enrollment can be found in the Partial Report Cards, Educational Level Completion Report Cards and also in the pre-enrollment forms that are handed out during the month of February to applicants to the first grades of elementary and secondary school.

Differences between Trademark Registration and Incorporation

Register and apply are used as “I register”, “I register myself”.Register is more general, for any procedure, process, event, etc.Register is to register in school, a seminar, a congress and other educational events. Also in sports or artistic competitions, for example.Solicitarse is used differently because we do not say “yo me solicitto”. Solicitarse is the same as pedir. “Solicitarse” is used in cases such as “Eso tiene que solicitar” which is the same as “eso hay que pedirlo”.

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