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VI. In principle, the traditional system has also been followed for names and surnames. The novelties regarding the proper name are aimed at making it a truly distinctive sign, while ensuring that the civil name and the name imposed at baptism are consistent. Other novelties, such as the surnames of the natural or adopted child, respond to very sensible sentimental interests. The administrative competence in the changes has a formally more flexible regulation at the same time that more automatic in its material aspect.

IX. The most important novelty in the third section, “Deaths”, is constituted by the possibility of registration even if the corpse has disappeared or has been buried. It is not intended to undermine the precepts of the Code on the declaration of death, since in the cases contemplated in the new Law it is known, without any doubt, that the person has died.

The Civil Registry constitutes proof of the registered facts. Only in cases of lack of registration or in which it is not possible to certify the entry, other means of proof will be admitted; but in the first case it will be an indispensable requirement for its admission that, previously or simultaneously, the omitted registration or the reconstitution of the entry has been requested.

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The applicant of a multiclass trademark must expressly indicate the products or services to be distinguished with it in the market. Likewise, each product or service must be classified in only one class of the Nice International Classification. In case the indication made is not correct, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce will require the applicant in accordance with the provisions of article 144 of Decision 486.

Yes. At the request of the applicant, the division of the initial application for registration in two or more fractional applications may be requested, in which the products or services of the classes resulting from the division will be included.

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As of the date of this article, the CURP is indispensable to handle tax returns, to keep a record in companies, schools, health services affiliation, passport applications and other government agencies.[citation needed].

In the beginning, the CURP was processed at the offices of the Civil Registry, ISSSTE, IMSS and other government services. A green card-shaped printout and a written certificate were provided when processing it; now it can be printed on plain paper.

Usually, the first two characters of the code are the first two letters of the first surname, but in case a first surname has a consonant as the second letter, the first vowel found in the surname will be assigned. For example, if a person’s name were Romina Orozco Castillo, her first four characters of the CURP would be: OOCR, since the second letter of “Orozco” is consonant.[citation needed].

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When a person has two names and their first name is Maria, in the case of females, or Jose, in the case of males, the fourth character will be taken from the first letter of the middle name, rather than the first. This is because the names “Mary” and “Joseph” are very common and would generate many duplicates. For example: if the person’s name is María Fernanda Escamilla Arroyo, the first four characters will be EAAF (María does not count to form the fourth character).[citation needed][citation needed].

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The second of the additional provisions of the Law of the Civil Registry of July eighth, nineteen hundred and fifty-seven orders that before it begins to be in force, the Regulations for its execution must be approved.

Various sources and elements have inspired the new Regulations. In the first place, all the precepts of the primitive Civil Registry Law coordinated with the new system, which were not included in the Law, soon to enter into force, due to their casuistic or interpretative nature, have been taken into account.

The Regulations for the execution of the previous Law have also been taken into account, which, drawn up without knowledge of the Civil Registry as a living institution, were manifestly insufficient.

In the current legislative task, an attempt has been made to give certainty, simplicity and organic unity to a multitude of previous, casuistic, complementary or interpretative rules, sometimes not very consistent with each other or manifestly insufficient to meet the needs raised in the old system.

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