Traditional Spanish ceramics

Approximately 25% of the museum’s total collection is on permanent display. The tour is made up of 5 rooms, which present the visitor with different themes focused mainly on the materiality of the objects.

In this room, first of all, the figure of Hernán Garcés Silva, a Chilean collector who donated his collection to form the first museum of decorative arts in Chile, is presented. There are three showcases that show the great formal, material and technical diversity that can be found in the Decorative Arts.

In this room, there is a showcase dedicated to the collection of gourds and female stirrups in silver and another showcase dedicated to the sahumadores, all objects that tell us about the customs and tastes of colonial America.

What is the most expensive ceramic?

A nearly 1,000-year-old bowl auctioned by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong has sold for $37.7 million (32 million euros), making it the most expensive piece of Chinese porcelain ever bought at auction.

What is the most expensive porcelain in the world?

Meissen porcelain up to 1756 is the most appreciated by collectors, as well as chinoiserie painted pieces up to 1735 or porcelain from famous collections.

How to know if a ceramic is antique?

Early ceramics are decorated with very simple motifs, incisions, lines… while later earthenware and porcelain are painted or stamped, it is important to see if the decoration is in relief or incised.

Most famous ceramics

“For me it is one of the most important pieces of the collection for its aesthetic beauty and quality; it could be in the Louvre Museum or the British Museum perfectly”, explained Clos today during the presentation of the exhibition.

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Under the title “The Mayas and the splendor of America”, the exhibition begins with two censers (750-900 A.D.) decorated with the face of the god of fire and used in religious rituals in which the ashes of the deceased were transported to the afterlife, through this divinity.

This “exciting journey” to the origins of the Mayan civilization includes jewelry made of jade, the color of growing plants and corn, which also served as votive and funerary offerings; and ceramic vessels, used as tableware or funerary offerings.

Clos is, in addition to being a collector and art patron, president of the Derby Hotels Collection, owner of the Hotel Claris, which usually exhibits pre-Columbian art pieces; other of his hotels also exhibit Greek, Roman and African art.

Which is cheaper, ceramic or porcelain tile?

If you consider only the price, ceramic tiles are more economical than porcelain tiles. This is due to the process and quality of the material used. However, the fact that this type of tiles are more expensive does not mean that they are the most convenient to place on the floor of your home.

What is the best porcelain in the world?

With more than 135 years of history, the most prestigious porcelain on the planet is presented. It is signed under the name of Rosenthal and was founded in 1879 by Philipp Rosenthal, in Erkersreuth, Selb, in Upper Franconia. It is a German firm whose pieces are characterized by their elegance and stylization.

What is the most expensive tableware in the world?

At the European level, the best known is Royal Copenhagen. Founded in 1775, it has the Flora Danica crockery that gathers the most characteristic flowers of the Nordic country in plates, cutlery and sauce dishes. The oldest crockery dates from the early nineteenth century and 1,530 pieces are preserved.

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Spanish ceramics for floors

Last April 3, a lot consisting of a Chinese porcelain bowl from the period of the Kangxi Emperor (1662-1722) was auctioned at the Hong Kong headquarters of Sotheby’s auction house. It is a piece turned and fired in the imperial kilns at Jingdezhen; experts believe it was then taken to the workshops of the Imperial Palace in Beijing’s Forbidden City, where it was painted, possibly by Jesuits residing at the court, and then fired. This bowl was sold for 24,815,722 euros ($30.42 million).

These two pieces of news are certainly different, the first one seems to be a case of “pure and simple” trade: there are only two pieces of that style in the art market worldwide and it becomes a safe investment. It has nothing to do with artistic issues, although the piece may be beautiful (like so many others, on the other hand). The second case is perhaps closer to the valuation that two lovers of Coper’s work can make, although sometimes collecting is governed by its own rules, even personal ones, when it comes to making an assessment of the artistic work.

How to identify an antique piece?

The key to distinguish something considered vintage is that the piece has more than 20 years of existence and is rescued to give it a second life. It can be restored or used as its original design.

How to identify antique tableware?

Look for a backstamp or marker stamp.

Look for a mark that is painted, printed or stamped on the piece. These stamps can be very small, but usually include an emblem of some kind, the maker’s name, and possibly numbers indicating the class or date of the piece.

How do you know if a porcelain is original?

Another way to distinguish materials is by touch. If we tap the tip of our finger lightly on porcelain, we perceive that it emits a higher-pitched sound than stoneware or earthenware. Porcelain thus has unique characteristics that give it beauty and a soft touch.

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Famous ceramic sculptures

This is the art of making ceramic, porcelain, earthenware and earthenware objects, made from ceramic materials (including clay), which can take many forms including art objects, tiles, statuettes, sculptures, teapots, vases, cups, tea sets, figurines and tableware.

While not all ceramic creations are considered works of art, many are simply considered decorative, industrial, applied art or everyday objects.

It seems as natural as it is inevitable, since pottery at its simplest does not need special tools or instruments. Man’s hand and skill are enough to create true works of art.

Pottery is one of the oldest and most unique craft and industrial expressions of the human species. In the elaboration of ceramics, surely for the first time, the human being demonstrates his mastery over the elements -earth, water, air and fire- by using them to achieve a new product.

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