For the United Kennel Club Championship (UKC Ch), a combination of points (e.g., winning the class earns 10 points in non-variety breeds, 5 in varieties) and competition wins (including group placements and Best In Show/Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show) are mandatory.

In UKC, a dog must receive 100 points with at least three competition wins under three different judges. A competition win is when a dog defeats at least one other dog and receives points. A UKC Grand Champion (GRCh) title is earned by winning in competition with other breed champions in at least five shows with at least three different judges.


The AKC does not recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier as a dog breed, but it does recognize the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier On the other hand, the UKC does recognize the AKC American Staffordshire Terrier as American Pit Bull Terrier and allows them to be registered in the UKC studbook. So what you mean is that the ukc accepts the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier as one breed?

Nicolas5893 said:I think that the ukc is too abstract, subjective and partisan concept of purity. An APBT with UKC ped will have a record of the origins of its ancestors and thanks to it you will be able to know which line you are acquiring. That is what the ped is all about, not pure or impure.

What does apbt mean

For the realization of these projects, Siport21 has advanced modeling and simulation means, which allow to evaluate these aspects in a very precise way. Among them are dynamic behavior models of the moored vessel; ship-to-ship interaction models; traffic simulation models; numerical models and navigation and maneuvering simulators.

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Another type of studies carried out by Siport21 stems from the appearance of new classes of ships, which makes it necessary to review the capacity of waterways and terminals to receive them. The sectors of container ships, cruise ships or LNG carriers are particularly noteworthy in this regard. To this end, it is essential to develop a feasibility analysis of the access and operation of new ships in existing ports. This analysis will consist of adapting operating rules, upgrading equipment or even reinforcing port infrastructures. In extreme cases, it will be necessary to undertake major works to widen access channels (dredging for widening and deepening), terminals or the construction of new quays. In all these analyses, the application of advanced simulation methods is already an established, necessary and extremely useful procedure. For Siport21, it is essential to count on the joint participation of the Port Authority, Maritime Captaincy, Pilots, Terminal Operators and Captains of the shipping companies involved. This leads to a consensus on updated operating procedures and in many cases to define training programs for Captains, Officers and Pilots prior to the entry into service of new vessels.

Ukc classification

Whereas it is the lifeblood of the U.K.C. Registration Offices, its members, and the Pit Bull Terrier Fraternity, to place “pit racing” on a recognized plane of excellence and to promote more and better competition, the following rules have been adopted by the Fraternity and the U.K.C. Registration Offices:

5. The fighters must be registered with the U.K.C. under the legitimate names of their respective owners and the referee will ascertain these by having to possess the Certificate of Registration during the contest.

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7. Any dog that has won three (3) contests contracted under these rules and presided over by a referee licensed by the U.K.C., shall be awarded the title of Champion, awarded by the U.K.C. and Pit Bull Terrier Fraternity Registration Offices.

8. It shall be the duty of the official timekeeper to keep a correct record of the time of the contest, stripes, number of stripes, etc., and to give the original sheet (or copy) to the referee immediately after the end of the contest, so that it may be sent to the U.K.C. for record keeping. It shall also be the duty of the official timekeeper to tell the referee within 25 seconds of the scratch “Ready”, and at 30 seconds, “go”, and the referee shall act accordingly.

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