Registration in the certification scheme for companies, modality VAT and IEPS.

Having the VAT (Value Added Tax) and IEPS (Special Tax on Production and Services) certification can help you if your company is engaged in foreign trade. These certifications bring many benefits for companies that have an IMMEX program. Let’s know in detail what the VAT and IEPS certifications for exporting companies consist of.

The VAT and IEPS certification is granted by the SAT after complying with the requested requirements. To access the Registration in the Certification Scheme for Companies, VAT and IEPS modality, you must have a valid FIEL and have registered in the VUCEM Portal. We provide you with additional information to obtain your registration in the certification scheme for the VAT and IEPS modality, click on the link.

The VAT and IEPS certification is aimed at companies that import goods into the customs regimes on a temporary basis to machine, transform or repair products. You can obtain this certificate for your company if you have demonstrated reliability in your chain, tax and customs matters.

What is the VAT certificate?

The Value Added Tax (VAT) Certificate is an official certificate, issued by the Tax Agency, which certifies the total VAT accrued and the total VAT charged for a given year, as well as the final result of the self-assessments and the total volume of transactions carried out.

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How to obtain a VAT certificate?

To obtain a certificate or a copy of a Form 29 return online, you must access the option Consult return status, available in the Online Services section, Monthly Taxes menu, “Consultation and follow-up (F29 and F50)”, of the SII website.

What is a company registration certificate?

This certificate, issued by the National Superintendence of Public Registries (SUNARP), allows the legal representative to identify himself as such, keep his status up to date and validate the actions he carries out on behalf of the company.

VAT certificate

Once the certificate has been issued, the taxpayer may express his disagreement with any of the data that form part of its contents within 10 days, starting from the day following the day of its receipt, by means of a written request for the modification of the certificate addressed to the body that issued it, to which shall be attached the elements of proof that he deems appropriate to accredit his request. If the body that issued the certificate considers that the certificate issued is incorrect, it will proceed to issue a new one within 10 days. If it does not consider it appropriate to issue a new certificate, it will communicate this to the taxpayer, stating the reasons on which it is based.

The IAE certificates issued by the Tax Agency are for information purposes and no appeal may be filed against them, except for the aforementioned and the appeals that may be filed against the administrative acts that are subsequently issued in relation to such information.

How much VAT is paid in Paraguay?

What are the tax rates? The current VAT rates are 10% and 5%. With the amendments introduced by Law No. 5061/13, the application of VAT rates is covered in different ways, according to the product or service affected.

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How do I know if I have VAT in Paraguay?

VAT in Paraguay is calculated as follows: First, all the VAT contained in the sales receipts (invoices, sales slips, tickets) issued are added together. On the other hand, all the VAT contained in the purchase receipts related to the activity are added up.

How to remove VAT from SII?

On the SII website, go to the “Monthly Taxes” option. In the section “Consultations and follow-up of returns (F29 and F50)” you must select the option “Integral Consultation F29”. In the “Integral Consultation”, the information associated with the VAT returns (F29) filed will appear.

Registration in the company certification scheme

When you create an ad account, we will ask you to confirm your business tax status. This means that your objective is to obtain an economic benefit from the advertising you carry out, e.g. increased revenue, sales or registrations. Affiliates, sole traders, partnerships and other business structures are considered businesses. Advertisements may only be used for business purposes.

If your company is domiciled in Ireland, we will apply VAT as set by the Irish tax authorities to purchases you make in connection with the advertisements. In this case, the purchase is deemed to take place in Ireland for VAT purposes.

If you currently use monthly billing, you will need to contact our support team to update your tax information. If you make automatic or manual payments, you can update your tax information in the payment settings.

What is the certificate of taxpayer status?

The VAT Taxpayer Status Certificate is an official certificate, issued by the Tax Agency, which certifies that the individual or legal entity is jointly and severally liable for the payment of a tax obligation of its own or of third parties, through its commercial operations carried out by the taxpayer….

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Who is eligible for the taxable person?

The essential condition for the application of the reverse charge on invoicing is that the recipient is a professional or business.

How to obtain a company certificate?

You can request the company certificate through the SEPE Electronic Headquarters in the section of People, unemployment protection, queries and clicking on the button “Consult Company Certificates”.

Tax Agency

Allows you to apply for the application of a tax credit equivalent to 100% of the amount payable for Value Added Tax and the Special Tax on Production and Services, when these are caused by the introduction into national territory of goods under the customs regimes of temporary import for manufacturing, transformation or repair in maquila or export programs; of fiscal deposit to undergo the process of assembly and manufacture of vehicles; of manufacturing, transformation or repair in bonded warehouses and strategic bonded warehouses.

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