What is window etching?

Crystal engraving price 2020

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What is crystal etching?

Glass etching is one of the oldest methodologies used to scare away potential car thieves. It happens that an etched glass can dissuade the thief from stealing the vehicle, since if it is marked the glass cannot be reused and loses its resale value.

Where is glass etching mandatory?

On the windows, the engraving must be made on the front windshield, on the upper right side of the glass; on the rear window, on the upper left side of the glass; and on the side windows, on the rear side of the glass, on its lower corner.

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How is crystal engraving done?

Sandblasting: this is the oldest and most effective method for engraving the patent on windshields, windows and side windows. A compressor and a gun called a sandblasting machine are used to chop the glass through a matrix. Through this technique, the engraving can be perceived by touch.

How to erase car glass etching

Etching on glass will only affect the surface of the material and “strip” it. The result is a very nice frosted look that enhances the item. Other looks can be achieved with a laser by playing with the parameters.

The laser will create your photo on the glass, line by line, creating a special moment for your customer. Custom glass engraving is a very valuable business, both technologies will ensure a quick return on investment.

The most popular accessory of our glass engraving machine is the rotary device, as it will allow the laser to engrave all circular elements by automatically rotating them 360°. Please note that glass cannot be laser cut.

Laser engraving glass avoids the risk of breaking the product or the tool. This non-contact technology ensures safe engraving even on the thinnest glass without noise. However, cracks appear naturally when glass is laminated, mainly depending on the quality of the glass (glass generally does not crack).

How much does crystal engraving cost?

It is hereby informed that as from 06/07/2021 the auto parts engraving fee will be updated to the amount of $ 3000. Those who, as from the aforementioned date, present themselves for the procedure and have not paid it before, regardless of when they requested the appointment, shall pay the updated fee.

What happens if I don’t have auto parts engraving?

The owner of a vehicle or motor vehicle who has not made the engraving of auto parts, when applicable, is sanctioned with a fine of one hundred and fifty (150) fixed units. In cases of purchase and sale of a vehicle or motor vehicle by means of a leasing contract, this penalty shall be imposed on the policyholder.

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Which car models are required to have their parts engraved?

The engraving of auto parts is the identification of your vehicle with the license plate number. For cars, you have to do it on all the doors (external side), hood (upper and lower) and trunk (interior and upper). If it is a two-door car, the engraving is done on the front door.

Glass engraving at home

Nowadays we find an infinity of transparent and colored glasses. The artist has the arduous task of deciding which of them will be optimal for his work, with the possibility of applying different materials and admiring the different creations. The glass sheet must be well tempered (heated and then cooled) to prevent it from breaking when cut, otherwise the glass will be called “burning”. Glass is fragile, but extraordinarily resistant at the same time (its hardness depends on the color).

In the sixteenth century, stained glass windows are made of a piece with colorless glass, painted with gray enamel (grisaille) and in the middle of the same century invented the way to enamel of different colors any piece of glass, which resulted in the provision of stained glass as if they were canvases or painting boards thus saving many lead accessories to assemble the pieces. This kind of stained glass, much less transparent and bright than those of the previous period, belong to the Renaissance style and are distinguished, in addition to what has been said, by the ease and freedom with which the figures appear detached from temples and combined with heraldic shields, etc.

Which vehicles are exempt from auto parts engraving?

Three years after implementing the mandatory engraving of auto parts, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires decided to exempt from this procedure vehicles manufactured more than 25 years ago, as long as they are not intended for public service or commercial transportation.

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How long does auto parts engraving last?

Auto parts engraving: form of payment

Only credit or debit card payments will be accepted at the Engraving Centers. The payment will be valid for 90 calendar days to carry out the engraving.

How to remove a glass etching?

Regarding your question if the letters are engraved the only possibility is to wear that area, you will not see the letters but you will have a kind of blur, this can be done with a mini tool or with a drill at low revolutions and a ceramic grinding wheel for glass.

My car windows were badly etched

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