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It is impossible for us to ignore the offense that such statements generate not only, of course, for those to whom they were directly addressed (the legislator’s collaborators), but especially for the entire Coya community; a community that currently lives in the provinces of Mendoza, Salta and Jujuy.

Our National Constitution, in its article 75, paragraph 17, determines that it is incumbent upon the National Congress to recognize the ethnic and cultural pre-existence of the Argentine indigenous peoples, guaranteeing respect for their identity.

Law 23,592 on the criminalization of discriminatory acts expressly provides that acts or omissions determined on grounds such as race, religion, nationality, ideology, political or trade union opinion, sex, economic position, social status or physical characteristics are considered particularly discriminatory.

On the other hand, Congresswoman Chaya, who apart from her legislative functions fulfills those entrusted to her by this body in her capacity as its representative before the Council of the Magistrature, where she also holds the position of vice-president, undermined with her actions the already discredited opinion that the inhabitants of our country have of their representatives.

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Homer has become one of the most influential fictional characters and has been described by the British newspaper The Sunday Times as “the greatest comic creation of modern times.”[9] Homer’s most common personality traits are stupidity, laziness, selfishness, and a sense of selfishness.

His most common personality traits are stupidity, laziness, selfishness and explosive anger. His low level of intelligence is described by director David Silverman as “creatively brilliant in his stupidity.”[10] His physical complexion coincides with that of a careless man, derived from his gastronomic culture, being someone who is “devoted to his stomach”, as he is overweight and borders on alcoholism,[10][11] as well as suffering from narcolepsy.[12] He has no great ambitions for the future and is accustomed to relegate his family obligations in front of his personal interests or his growing stupidity. Homer is also the character who usually triggers the vast majority of the plots and events of the series’ episodes with his increasingly malleable and motley intentions or purposes.[10] Homer is also the character who is the main character in the series.

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I have heard these rumors but I do not believe them too much, apparently, a television program “C.Q.C” conducted an interview with the head of the national police exposing the problem for which many people are discriminated by height and age. is it all true? will there be changes in the next calls ?

deva.denia you are absolutely right, there are a lot of weird and strange people coming in, but in the end we have what we are looking for. I wish you a lot of luck because we old guys are living on fucking rumors that make me despair. up with the club of 30.

GRR, I forgot to put the link that talks about the size, this is the Guardia Civil, but I hope you find it useful, although it is not the National, if we consider that the commander of the Guardia and the National is the same, I think that also lowered.well that ultimately here I leave you a link, that I mess;).

Burgman, the size is lowered for the Guardia Civil and National Police, the municipal or local police, is a separate thing, that’s up to the city council, they consider correct to ask, to be part of the local police. You will have to look at the provincial bulletin of your city.


1. Stalin came to lead the Popular Front in practice, while Franco maintained his independence with respect to Hitler and Mussolini. In the midst of the civil war, in 1938, on the occasion of the Munich crisis which almost triggered the European war, Franco openly proclaimed that in the event of war between the Fascist powers and the democracies, he would remain neutral. This made a very bad impression in Rome and Berlin, and shows the true situation. The leaders of the Popular Front would never have dared to do anything similar in relation to Stalin.

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Of special interest is abortion, which is so widespread today. It comes down to an assessment: is the fetus a human life in the making or just a clump of cells, not too different from a tumor, in the mother’s body? The difference matters, although I suspect that abortionists don’t care one way or the other. On balance, if we understand human life as a race for consumption and entertainment, it is not so tragic that many of these lives are thwarted in embryo.

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