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Nella Ghorghor

“What CQC does has nothing to do with journalism”, argued Atilio Bleta, Clarín journalist and professor of Political Journalism at UP. Graciela Uequín, who also teaches at the University, said that “Pergolini is no longer the voice under the criticism of the system: it is the system criticizing itself in order to survive”. Meanwhile, Pablo Mendelevich, former journalist of Clarín, among other media, and also a professor at UP, pointed out that “CQC amuses and entertains”, although he said that “the big question is whether CQC will have an impact on the journalism of the future”.

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Darío Barassi on Tomate la Tarde

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Every week, from a live studio, a trio of hosts present different notes to show reality in a very different way than traditional newscasts are used to. Its reporters interview politicians, civilians or movie stars alike, asking the least convenient and most uncomfortable questions, provoking the most unexpected reactions from celebrities.

CQC quickly gained fame for its unstructured and original interviewing style, asking what other media would never dare to ask. From this premise comes the name Caiga Quien Caiga, a phrase that reflects the spirit of the program: to do something regardless of the hierarchy of the person who suffers the consequences.

In 2010 it obtained, in its ninth consecutive nomination, the International Emmy Award for best program in the category “Entertainment without script”, winning the second International Emmy for Argentina (the first one was for the miniseries Televisión por la Identidad).[1] In 2010, the program won the International Emmy Award for best program in the category “Entertainment without script”.

The questions that bothered Mario Vitette and the interview.

Boost your CQC rating with DeskAlerts. If you’re looking to improve your healthcare company’s CQC rating, you’ve come to the right place. Our offering is DeskAlerts. This is an internal communication software solution capable of keeping your entire staff connected at the same time. Thanks to it, you will improve the flow of information in your hospital or healthcare company. This, in turn, will also improve patient outcomes.

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We know that the healthcare industry has its own challenges to work with. One of them is the need to ensure proper communication flow. This includes staff working around the clock, in different locations, with different specialties. After all, most of the time, they will not have access to their e-mail or intranet spaces.

DeskAlerts is the solution for this, as it sends pop-up notifications directly to your staff’s computer screens. As a result, you can get rid of the unreliable email system. These notifications are purposefully intrusive and will appear no matter what applications your employees use. In fact, they will appear even if the computer is locked or in screensaver mode.

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