Whats the maximum speed for disabled scooters?

Mobility Scooter

If you own an electric scooter you will know the benefits they have for people with mobility disabilities. Mobility scooters for the disabled allow you to move around indoors or outdoors without the need for a person to assist you, giving people with disabilities a feeling of total freedom. Most electric scooters are allowed in almost any establishment, so you can use them anywhere. Because they are lightweight, you can take them on the train, bus or store them in the car, so you can make long trips without having to leave your mobility scooter at home. When choosing a mobility scooter it is important that you take the following aspects into account. In this guide you will receive all the information you need to consider before buying one.

Light mobility scooters are the best option if you are looking to perform your daily activities, they can be transported by car, you can use them in the office as they do not need much space because they are not very wide compared to wheelchairs, and being lightweight will allow you to lift it easily if necessary.


It is important to note that these ratings are personal and are based on our experience and the opinions of our customers. No brand or manufacturer sponsors this article (nor do we want them to do so to preserve our independence).

I also remind you that if you have a disability certificate of more than 33% you are entitled to a VAT reduction. In scooters for people with disabilities the default VAT is 21% and with the certificate drops to 4% so the savings is considerable.

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They are the best selling models on the market, with a big difference compared to the rest. They are economical, transportable and with a very good maneuverability. A little weak in outdoor behavior but as I said before, you can not have everything.

Scooter with excellent value for money. For people who need a scooter for daily use in the city and do not need to make long trips. Batteries of 12Ah. and engines of 180W, both a little fair but enough for many users in their day to day getting a very tight price. You can find it in version Libercar Smart of 3 wheels or in version of 4 wheels:

Scooter for senior citizens

SCOOTER LARGE (INVACARE LEO – ENVOY – SIMILAR) It is another of the most demanded models by our customers. It comes equipped with lights and supports a weight up to 127 kg. It reaches a speed of 8 KM/H and its autonomy is of 30 KM approximately. Ideal for touring our city.

MEDIUM SCOOTER (VENUS – SPORT – SIMILAR) It is the most demanded model by our customers. It comes equipped with lights and supports a weight up to 120 kg. It reaches a speed of 8 KM/H and its autonomy is of 20 KM approximately.

Folding electric mobility scooter for disabled

Electric scooters for disabled people are essential in their daily life, that is why it is necessary to regulate their circulation with a specific regulation, so that both scooters and pedestrians respect each other.

2. These motor vehicles are obliged to circulate on the sidewalk, unless the sidewalk does not exist or is unusable. In these cases, they may drive on the shoulder or, failing that, on the roadway (taking the necessary precautions), as long as the movement of other vehicles is not hindered.

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6. In relation to all of the above, it should be noted that if the electric scooter we have has several speeds, we must always circulate with the speed corresponding to that of the rest of pedestrians.

What does this mean? Very easy, it means that these scooters cannot be disassembled or folded. The rigid chassis makes the scooter more robust and resistant, so it is perfect for use in the countryside, for example.

The folding scooters can be folded manually in a very simple way or by means of a remote control as is the case of the Transformer scooter. They are perfect for moderate use and flat terrain. They are considered the perfect scooters for traveling.