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The EGELs are standardized evaluation instruments whose purpose is to evaluate the knowledge and skills of a recent graduate. They are objective tests with a criterion-referenced score. These instruments measure the level of achievement of a subject with respect to a specialized standard by degree.

Determine if the student who concludes a bachelor’s degree curriculum has the knowledge and skills considered indispensable, as well as knowledge and transversal skills in language and communication.

Graduates of higher education institutions in Mexico who have completed a specific or related bachelor’s degree program that includes 40 professions and related careers.

To determine whether the student who completes a bachelor’s degree program has the knowledge and skills considered indispensable, as well as transversal knowledge and skills in language and communication.

When will the Erasmus lists be published?

The acceptance of the places will be done through the ENTREU application, once the final list is published, from March 25 until May 11 in “Expediente Erasmus Estudis 2020-2021”. Non-acceptance within the established term will be considered as resignation to the destination obtained.

When is the UCO Erasmus program launched?

Applications must be submitted only electronically through the SIGMA application from November 8 to 26, 2021, both inclusive. Instructions for application in Sigma 2021/202.

What is the Erasmus Internship?

The Erasmus Internship program aims to promote the mobility of students and recent graduates for internships in companies, training centers, research centers and other organizations in countries participating in the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program.

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Erasmus+ 2022

The Erasmus Internship program aims to promote the mobility of students and recent graduates for internships in companies, training centers, research centers and other organizations in countries participating in the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.

There are several: to have a student who is qualified and does not have to be paid a salary (although the scholarship is compatible with any remuneration), a contract can be offered to the subsequent trainee and to be within the companies that are part of the Erasmus+ internship program.

First you have to contact the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization, at least 20 days before starting the internship with the company. The Vice-rectorate will tell you all the steps to follow and will also contact the company to send you the documents you have to sign.

The aid will be paid into your bank account that you provide in two installments: when you arrive (maximum 30 days) and when the Certificate of Incorporation is received you will receive 80% of the total, when you finish the stay and hand in the final documentation you will receive the remaining 20%.

When do I apply for Erasmus UGR?

First four-month period or full academic year: From April 1 to May 20: Online application and study plan proposal. (For master’s students the deadline has been extended until May 31) From July 9: Sending of acceptance e-mail.

What is the best year to go on Erasmus?

essential points in the search for a first job. As for Bachelor’s, Engineering and future Master’s degrees, with durations of 5 to 6 years (2 in the case of the new Master’s degrees), the best thing to do is undoubtedly to leave in the penultimate year of completion or the penultimate semester in the case of the Master’s degrees, in our opinion.

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How many subjects can I take with me on Erasmus?

Only TWO duly justified changes of the subjects of the study agreement are allowed, and the student must be enrolled in the new subjects of the agreement during the official enrollment period of the US.

Erasmus usc regulations

Through this procedure, interested persons may submit their application to obtain the scholarships granted for official university studies in higher education institutions in countries included in the Erasmus + Studies Program or other international mobility programs.

If any of the persons in the family unit (other than the applicant) was born on or after January 1, 1995, is pursuing official university studies and must reside outside the family home(s):

The applicant may object to the administration consulting this information. In such a case, he/she must provide the corresponding documents proving this information at the time of making the application.

How many subjects do I have to pass in order to go on Erasmus?

– You must have passed at least 48 credits (this depends on the place, there are places that ask for more) – You must have 96 credits left to take, at the date of the Erasmus application, in case you want to go the whole year or 78 in case of stays of 6 months or less. What level of language do you ask for?

How to find companies for Erasmus internships?

Through the portal, students can search for internships in companies or organizations abroad.

What is Erasmus in Spain?

The Erasmus + program allows students to continue their studies at a foreign university. … The Erasmus + exchange program also covers areas such as student internships in companies and teaching staff mobility. The program consists of a grant, the amount of which depends on the host country.

Erasmus 2021 Call for applications

Resolution of September 3, 2021, of the Directorate General of Labor, by which the State Collective Bargaining Agreement for companies of auxiliary services of information, reception, access control and checking of facilities is registered and published.

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To order the registration of the aforementioned Collective Bargaining Agreement in the corresponding Register of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Collective Labor Agreements and Equality Plans with operation through electronic means of this Management Center, with notification to the Negotiating Committee.

The negotiating parties representing the companies rendering services in what has traditionally been called the ancillary services sector complementary to security and the workers rendering services in such sector of activity, which is perfectly defined in the functional scope of this agreement, consider that the signing of this sectorial collective agreement is an essential step to provide regulation and identity to an activity and a group that has it de facto, but that sometimes has been mixed with other companies that offer a multiservice activity that is far away from the specific activity that is regulated in this agreement.

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