Land Law

That clear and stable property rights are essential for the modernization and stability of the country, for the attraction of investments, facilitation of financing, and prevention of unnecessary litigation, in this aspect the State of Nicaragua is developing a whole program of regularization of property rights that strengthen and modernize the different institutions that integrate the land administration services so that in an integrated way they provide a better service accessible to all citizens and guarantee the legal security of land tenure.

4. In general, the other assets and resources acquired by any title and those transferred to it for the development of its objectives. Including the budget allocated by the Supreme Court of Justice.

The Deputy National Director of Registries or the Deputy National Director of Registries shall substitute the National Director during his or her absences in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations of this Law and must meet the appointment requirements established for the former. He/she shall also perform the functions assigned or delegated to him/her by the National Director of Registries.

Law 10793

This Royal Decree approves the General Statutes of the Property and Mercantile Registrars, a special legal regulation that is the result of the autonomy that our legal system recognizes to the corporate Administration and of the control that the Government of the Nation reserves for itself, which is more accentuated than in other Professional Associations due to the very nature of the registry function, integrated in the precautionary or preventive system of legal security.

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In this sense, the aim is to have a Corporation that serves as an effective link between the Administration and the Registrars, capable of coordinating all the activities leading to the improvement and permanent updating of their function. And if one of the basic objectives of the reform in registry matters is the modernization of the Registries, it was considered that this objective could not be achieved without an effective coordination of the activities leading to this end, without a professional organization capable of uniting the joint efforts of all in this sense and capable, not only of implementing it, but also of keeping it permanently updated.

Law 16.871 impo

Royal Decree 1093/1997, of July 4, 1997, approving the complementary rules to the Regulations for the execution of the Mortgage Law on Registration in the Land Registry of Acts of a Town Planning Nature.

The registration of equidistribution projects is regulated in Chapter II. The requirements and effects of the marginal note of initiation of the reparcelling file or of affection of the land included in an execution unit to the fulfillment of the obligations inherent to the compensation system are especially contemplated. With respect to the practice of the aforementioned marginal note, it is worth noting that special provision is made for the possibility of practicing it on properties located outside the unit, but assigned to the project, and on urban developments registered in an independent folio; likewise, the necessary rogation for the practice of the marginal note, its duration and the actions to be observed by the Property Registrar are detailed.

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Decree 99/98

Article 25 (Inscribable acts). In the National Registry of Motor Vehicles shall be registered the legal acts that concern motor vehicles with registry aptitude. This concept includes automobiles, tractors for trailers and semi-trailers, trucks, vans, pick-up trucks, chassis cabs, buses, minibuses and similar vehicles.

The principals or principals may revoke in a generic way, totally or partially, the mandates and powers of attorney they have granted, without having to specify the details of the powers of attorney they intend to revoke. The same circumstance shall be applicable to attorneys-in-fact or agents who intend to waive the powers of attorney granted to them. (*)

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