London | EINSA presents ultra-fast light vehicle

SAES participates as a co-exhibitor with Navantia in the international security and defense equipment exhibition DSEI, held in London from September 14 to 17, where it shows its customized high-tech solutions for the civil and military markets.

The MIRS underwater measuring station is also applicable for scientific and environmental studies, as well as for measuring and studying industrial and ship noise levels in areas of interest. In this way it is possible to monitor that these remain within defined thresholds and to reduce the impact of various activities such as maritime traffic, offshore construction activities, extraction platforms and offshore wind farms.

SAES technology is in service for several Navies and Naval Forces on five continents, providing high-tech systems for naval warfare platforms such as minehunters, frigates, submarines, MPAs, ASW and UxV helicopters.

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Family Medicine – SEMERGEN seeks to identify questions about primary health care and the provision of high quality patient- and/or community-centered care. We publish original research, methodologies and theories, as well as selected systematic reviews that build on current knowledge to advance new theories, methods or lines of research.

Medicina de Familia – SEMERGEN is a peer-reviewed journal that has adopted clear and rigorous ethical guidelines in its publication policy following the guidelines of the Publication Ethics Committee and seeks to identify and answer questions about primary health care and the provision of high quality patient- and community-centered care.

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DSEI 2019 international trade fair summary held in London.

“An industry tainted with blood,” they charge. The industry defends itself by claiming that it constitutes a vital sector for the economy of many countries and a key element for the security of the citizenry.

In few places is this defensive position as evident as at the DSEi (Defense Systems and Equipment International Exhibition), which is taking place these days in London.

“We’re talking about weapons, not potatoes!” exclaims one of the attendees on his cell phone before entering the fair, involved in some transaction with a mysterious customer as he queues to get in.

The organizers’ response to the criticism is that Chinese officials will not meet with any companies selling armaments and may only be interested in material for surveillance technology and equipment for humanitarian assistance missions.

At DSEi, people in military uniform – an overwhelming majority of them members of the British armed forces – and businessmen in dark suits inspect the exhibits closely and ask detailed questions of the exhibitors.

Morocco buys 192 million dollars worth of arms.

In London, hundreds of demonstrators intervened directly to shut down one of the world’s largest arms fairs. The Defense and Security Equipment International, DSEI for short, opened its doors on September 12; however the fairgrounds where it is held were blocked numerous times in the week leading up to its opening, as some activists tried to prevent the fair from taking place.

In September 2017, hundreds of war weapons companies gathered in London for the “Defense and Security Equipment International” (DSEI) arms fair to meet with representatives of armed forces from around the world. Below are some of the resources that were distributed and talks given by War Resisters’ International (WRI).

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In September 2017, War Resisters’ International members gathered in London to help disrupt the build-up to DSEI – the London arms fair. A week of action took place from September 4, with hundreds of activists preventing the installation of the fair. More than a hundred people were arrested. You can read a summary of the actions in this article from War Profiteers News.

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