Trituradora spectra hx05 manual

Resumen: Se ha diseñado una máquina automática para la obtención de hilos y cintas mediante un proceso de corte rotativo continuo. Esta máquina procesa botellas de plástico utilizadas como contenedores para el almacenamiento y transporte de refrescos y bebidas sin gas con una capacidad de tres litros. Se trata de un diseño mecatrónico, compuesto por sistemas mecánicos/neumáticos, eléctricos y de control sencillos, que permite procesar hasta cincuenta botellas por hora. Se puede obtener una gran variedad de productos; desde hilos con aproximadamente 46,5 m de longitud y 1,6 mm de grosor (ancho) hasta cintas con 11,3 m de longitud y 6,7 mm de ancho por botella. Estos productos son materia prima económica obtenida a partir de material de desecho como son las botellas de plástico, que son elementos altamente contaminantes del medio ambiente debido al pequeño porcentaje que se recicla especialmente en Ecuador. Esta materia prima puede tener aplicaciones en algunos procesos de manufactura como la fabricación de escobas, cuerdas, canastas, bolsas, sujetadores entre otros.

Shredder Repair

In any company that handles confidential documents, you must have a good paper shredder to dispose of them efficiently. One of the best is the Amazon Basics, since it offers great performance at an unbeatable price, and will allow you to maintain order, especially when you handle large quantities of documents.

Although there are different models on the market, the ideal is that you can get a model that fits your needs. For this reason, we have selected these 7 options, so you can get a great performance when shredding documents. So, let’s get to know them so you can choose the one you like the most.

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This is a model that has a cross paper cut, which will allow you to destroy all the documents in a very effective way. It has a total capacity of 8 sheets at the same time, which will allow you to have a great performance, and its head has the possibility of destroying credit cards. It shreds paper in compliance with the P3 level security standard, so that they cannot be easily reconstructed.


Paper shredders play an important role in our office. It facilitates the destruction of documents that may jeopardize the interests of the company, as well as accumulated and unusable documentation.

While we do not know how most of the devices we use on a regular basis such as telephones, computers, radios, etc. work, it may be necessary to start learning how these devices perform their functions.

Just bring it down to the language you use on a daily basis, perhaps by associating certain functions with concepts you use frequently. No explanation is far from being understood if you use the right words.

There are different types of paper shredders, we have for example paper shredders for cards and CD’s, we also have paper shredders for staples, can also be found by its cutting capacity that will be subject to its ability to cut sheets at the same time.

The capacity of a shredder to store waste is known as volume and is measured in liters. In general, the most commonly used shredders tend to be between 17 and 22 liters, although there are shredders that can reach 83 liters.

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How to open a paper shredder

Jaw crushers, typically used in quarries and mines, in demolition waste recycling and in the chemical industry, are quite complex systems for system integrators, due to the high inertia of the flywheel, the cyclic loading and the different materials used by customers.

Technidrive wanted to develop a system that would be highly energy efficient and, above all, spare operators the dangerous task of manually removing blocked material from jaw crushers.

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