Diplomatic plates

G. Transfer of the vehicle to the location designated by the Buyer, where it will remain parked until the yellow plates are obtained (Average time: 3 months with the vehicle immobilized for not having plates).

H. The Embassy sends the Diplomatic Plates, the Property Card, and the Original Import Documents of the Vehicle to the Honorable Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – (Average response time from the Ministry is two (02) to three (03) weeks).

K. Return of the Documents plus the respective Release from DIAN to the Embassy, for the subsequent Forwarding of the Vehicle Documents to the Honorable Ministry of Foreign Affairs. . – Average time of response from the Ministry from Two (02) to Three Weeks (03).

– Official Use, are vehicles that are part of the daily use fleet of the Diplomatic Mission, generally have an assigned driver, and whose sale is done, in general, under the Modality of Offer, Auction or Auction.

– For Personal Use, the vehicle will be authorized for sale once it completes 12 months with its respective license plates, and will be exempt from payment of Import and Nationalization Taxes, when the official has completed at least 12 months in Colombia, however, the Ministry will only authorize its sale 30 days before the departure of the official, by Termination of Mission, or when the official completes 24 months in Colombia and his Diplomatic mission has been extended, by Renewal.

What is the CD license plate?

Let’s start at the beginning: in Spain there are four types of red license plates: Trailers and semi-trailers: they start with the letter R and have four numbers and three letters. Diplomatic Corps cars: they start with the letters CD followed by four numbers.

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How are the diplomatic plates in Spain?

Diplomatic license plates

They are identified with the letters CD to identify vehicles of the Diplomatic Corps and can be recognized because they have a red background with white characters. Those bearing the characters CC refer to Consular Corps vehicles and have a green background with white characters.

How is the Diplomatic Corps composed?

The Diplomatic Corps is made up of diplomatic agents assigned by a nation (accrediting State) to a permanent diplomatic mission in another country (receiving State), commonly referred to as an embassy, whose head is the ambassador.

Spanish license plates

Vehicles with diplomatic plates belong to personalities such as diplomats, consuls or high officials. This type of registration implies certain privileges such as, for example, exemptions from taxes and fees.

In any case, the corresponding body of each Autonomous Community must determine whether they are qualified as such. These license plates are the same as the tourist plates, except for the initial letter, which in this case is an H.

The fact that a vehicle is classified as historic may entail some advantages for its owner, such as, for example, an increase in the time required to pass the MOT, exemption from paying road tax (both only in some Autonomous Communities) or a reduction in the insurance premium.

These permits are obtained for transitory situations, prior to definitive registration. Within this group there are 2 types of registration. One is for private individuals, which are green, and the other is for companies or entities related to the vehicle, which are red.

What is a license plate protected vehicle?

This type of license plates have been designed for companies and individuals whose vehicles meet a series of special conditions: … All vehicles that are not registered in Spain but are going to carry out transport, tests or research trials within the national territory.

What does the red CD license plate mean?

The red ones belong to the Diplomatic Corps (DC); the green ones belong to the Consular Posts (CC), the blue ones identify the vehicles belonging to the International Organizations (IO), and finally the yellow one refers to the Technical-Administrative Staff (TA).

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What is a diplomatic license plate?

Diplomatic license plates are special plates consisting of series of numbers that identify the occupants of a vehicle as diplomatic representatives. This may be a diplomatic representative of a supranational organization or a state.


Have you seen a license plate that you don’t know where it might be from? It is most likely a diplomatic corps license plate. These are license plates that typically use CD lettering on backgrounds with unusual colors. They also have a number of privileges, both fiscal and in certain situations, such as when crossing a border.

Below you can see the list of diplomatic license plates that are updated in Europe. You can see only those of the Diplomatic Corps, not those of the consular or embassy technicians in case the country has these types of license plates. By clicking on the data in the third and fourth columns, you can find out more information about that system or about the license plate system of that particular country.

How can you tell what year a car is by its license plate?

The first one marked each vehicle with the initial of the province to which it belonged followed by a digit (A-1111, from 1900 to 1971), later two letters were added at the end (A-1111-AA, from 1971 to 2000) and the most recent one is the one we have today, with four digits and three letters (1111-AAA, since 2000), in force …

How do license plates work in Spain?

It consists of four numbers and three letters that appear after the European country band on the left side. Remember that this is the case for car license plates in Spain, so the letter that will appear in the blue band under the stars of the European Union flag will be the E.

How are cars registered in Spain?

The current registration system was implemented in 2000. It combines 4 numbers with 3 letters. This has led to many calculations on how many cars can be registered per letter. On September 18, 2000 was when the current vehicle registration system was officially implemented in Spain.

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Diplomatic Corps

Traditionally, States have granted certain privileges and immunities to diplomatic representatives of other countries in order to enable them to carry out their missions as effectively as possible.

1.    Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts based in the capital of the receiving State. Vehicles registered in the name of these entities shall bear the CD or CC markings and shall be dedicated exclusively to official service.

3.    Diplomatic agents, career consular officials of foreign nationality and officials of International Organizations with diplomatic status.    Their vehicles shall bear, respectively, the CD, CC or OI badges.

4. The technical-administrative personnel of the Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations as well as the consular employees of the Consular Posts. The vehicles shall bear the TA badge.

The circulation permits corresponding to these license plates are issued by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of the capital of the State at the request of the General Directorate of Protocol, Chancellery and Orders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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