Hospital staff and their functions

Issue/question 28: the report refers to a number of health programs concerning the health situation of women living in rural and remote areas and older women. Please indicate how the implementation of these strategies is monitored to ensure that they have a positive impact on the lives of these women.

The Australian Government’s rural health programs provide additional funding for a range of services to maintain or improve access to specialist, allied health and primary health care services for people living in rural and remote areas. The intention is to extend these services to the whole population. These programs are monitored through funding agreements that describe in detail the services to be provided and the communities to be served. Reports are submitted semi-annually and annually.

The Medical Specialist Consultation Program continues to support the delivery of peripheral services to rural and remote areas of Australia. This program is supported by state and Northern Territory organizations with primary responsibility for ensuring service delivery in line with the annual service plan. The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing monitors service delivery through biannual reporting reflecting specific medical specialty disciplines and services provided in rural and remote areas.

Hospital administration in nursing

Health systems can be considered direct variants of social systems, defined as the set of social relations, structures and social stratifications of society. The most prominent and important part of social systems are the so-called social functions, which are the set of activities aimed at satisfying the needs of society, and the institutions or structures whose purpose is to execute them. Within social systems, one of the most complex functions are those related to health care, which make up what we can call the health system.

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When studying the health systems of a country, we are directly analyzing the values of society and its rulers with respect to health; its models of financing and allocation of health resources; the programmed portfolio of services and the desired degree of health protection; its legislation; its administrative organization and its management model adopted to guarantee effective, efficient, effective and quality service provision.

What are the general hospital services in a hospital?

Psychomotor agitation is a behavioral disorder of high prevalence in health emergency services. Its incidence is higher in men than in women and it is more frequent in young and middle-aged adults than in the elderly. The aggressive or violent patient is a problem that generates unpredictability and interventions should be adopted without delay, and should not be subordinated to the action of other specialists.

The main objective is to tranquilize, reduce the symptoms of agitation and aggression without inducing deep or prolonged sedation, maintaining the patient’s calm. Pharmacological administration should be applied with the lowest possible dose, adjusted to clinical requirements. Mechanical restraint may be necessary in situations of violence involving risk to the patient or staff and should be performed according to strict criteria.

It is important that each patient has an individualized assessment and management, so the action should be flexible and adaptable to each case. Adequate communication should be established between the mental health service and primary care professionals to improve the quality of care, with an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of the health system.

Advantages and disadvantages of the health care system in the UK

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