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Hidden behind its 4 exhaust outlets made of titanium, hides a story of hard work carried out by Akrapovic engineers, who have been able to squeeze the engine and find 17 hp more at 6,260 rpm and 56.1 Nm at only 2,600 rpm. With the Evolution exhaust system, the GT-R improves the elasticity and response of its powerful engine throughout the entire rev range. Evolution is especially effective between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm, which makes it really fun for everyday driving. But let’s not just focus on the power figures, as the final weight of the set is only 14.3 kg, no more and no less than 17.3 kg less than the original exhaust, a real record for those who appreciate the weight/power ratio of vehicles.


What does Akrapovic mean?

Igor Akrapovic founded the Skorpion brand, which later became the current Akrapovic; after all, “Akrep”, practically the same root as his surname, means “scorpion” in Turkish. Shortly after, the good results obtained earned him a place among the most important SBK teams in the world.

Where does Akrapovic manufacture?

What happens if I put a resonator on my bike?

Altering these components could mean a decrease in engine performance and an increase in fuel consumption.

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Akrapovic x-max 300

The housings are cast at Akrapovic’s own headquarters so that the engine gases are mixed and create a sound that could be defined as perfect for any lover of V8 engines and their traditional bronco tone. In addition, it is a plug-and-play system whose sound can be regulated by an Akrapovic kit that controls the valves in the exhaust.

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How to know if a motorcycle exhaust is homologated?

How do you know if the motorcycle exhaust you want is homologated? Simple: check that it has a plate with the initial E followed by a number. If you still have doubts, ask the seller and ask for the homologation sheet provided by the Government. The exhaust of your motorcycle, a good change to improve its performance.

What is the Full System on motorcycles?

The complete system consists of the exhaust or slip-on, the outlet pipe that goes from the engine exhaust and an accessory kit for easy installation. You will reduce weight and improve acceleration, generating a unique sound. You will have several design options to choose from according to your style and taste.

How do I make my bike sound sporty?

One of the ways to make my bike sound sporty is to change the exhaust pipe of your bike. This will cause the resonance chamber to change, causing the exhaust gases to exit more freely.

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Because akrapovic

Previewed in the video below, which tested on a dynamometer and slid around a wet track, the exhaust adds a little extra venom to the Supra’s notes. The entire system is made of lightweight titanium, which means that after periods of extended use, the tailpipes will turn a violet-blue hue due to the heat of the exhaust. Akrapovic also offers an optional sound kit that will allow drivers to easily adjust the sound on the fly.

The new Supra is a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder with 335 HP, although numerous independent tests have indicated that the actual figure is closer to 380 HP. The addition of a lightweight, free-flowing exhaust will inevitably add some additional horsepower.

What happens if you remove the exhaust from a motorcycle?

Removing the exhaust system from your motorcycle carries considerable risks. The engine’s exhaust valves suffer the most damage due to reduced back pressure. Backfire is another phenomenon you are likely to experience as a result of cold air reversal.

How do you know if an exhaust is homologated?

Regulations for homologated exhaust pipes

If it is an original accessory, it is necessary to request a report from your vehicle manufacturer stating that the exhaust pipe is indeed homologated so that the code of the modification can be applied in the relevant field of the car’s technical data sheet.

What is needed to homologate an exhaust?

In the case of exhaust system homologation, no technical project is required. The Workshop Certificate must be provided by the workshop that has carried out the modification and the Conformity Report must be provided by the manufacturer of the device or an Approval Laboratory.

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Types of akrapovic

Akrapovic titanium muffler with double carbon tips.Give your BMW R1200 GS an exceptional look with this pair of mufflers.The body of the muffler is made of titanium, a material used in competition due to its strength, performance and low weight. It is coated with a matte black protective paint.The guard and tips are made of genuine carbon fiber, an ultra-lightweight, very strong and aesthetically pleasing material. Each end cap has a double outlet that provides an incomparable look and increases gas flow to the muffler.This exhaust muffler will save you torque, power, weight and aesthetics. In addition, it will provide a deep and captivating sound to your engine. Power: + 1.3 Kw at 5250 rpmTorque: + 2.2 Nm at 4800 rpmWeight: – 0.5 KgRoad tested. Complies with Euro 4 standard.

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