Rodrigo announced his debut studio album Sour on April 1, 2021.[1] “Good 4 U” ranked sixth on the chart.[2] On May 10, Rodrigo announced through his social media accounts that “Good 4 U” would become the third single from Sour on May 14, following Drivers License and Deja Vu. Along with the announcement, he also revealed the song’s cover art.[3][4] Rodrigo had shown the name of the song in a promotional image for Deja Vu.[5]

Tomas Mier of People has described the song as a “heartbreaking track filled with an angsty pop-rock sound.”[18] Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone praised Rodrigo’s musical versatility and noted the Taylor Swift influences in “Good 4 U”. [8] Ellise Shaffer’s review of Variety dubbed the song a “nostalgic anthem of heartbreak” that evokes a “cathartic, vibrant feeling reminiscent of late ’90s Hole or early Paramore, but with a poppier style.”[9] Claire Dodson of Teen Vogue said “Good 4 U” gives “pure 2000s pop-punk,” aside from Rodrigo’s “spectacular songwriting.” Dodson found Rodrigo’s voice versatile, moving easily between styles similar to Swift’s voice on “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, and that of Alanis Morissette and Hayley Williams, to become “something original”. [19] Sydney Bucksbaum, writing for Entertainment Weekly, called the single a “pop-punk breakup anthem” and an “instant hit,” highlighting the song’s similarities to Paramore’s Misery Business.[20] In agreement, Vulture’s Halle Kiefer also named the song an “angry track”” that evokes “Misery Business” in “the best possible way.”[21]

What do Olivia Rodrigo’s songs mean?

Her songs talk about the emotions that invade her, such as anxiety, heartbreak and betrayal. It is an honest work and it shows in the way she describes her feelings, which are accompanied by equally intense melodies.

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What is Olivia Rodrigo’s most successful song?

The international list, which analyzes everything that has been searched from January to December, places Olivia Rodrigo as the most searched singer on Google thanks to her song “Drivers License”, which belongs to the album Sour and has more than one billion plays on the Spotify platform.

What is the meaning of deja vu lyrics?

“deja vu” is what you feel after ending a relationship.

It is another song that, without a doubt, leaves a pleasant feeling. As for the lyrics, they were written by Olivia Rodrigo herself last fall. And once again she expresses her emotions with her vocal strength.

Olivia rodrigo – sour

After surprising everyone with “driver’s license” in January, the new American pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo is back. Her second single is another marvel, and proves that this singer, songwriter and actress has a lot more to give. It’s called “deja vu”, and it also already has a video with beautiful visuals and as many emotions as the lyrics.

The official music video for “deja vu”, was directed by Allie Avital. We see Olivia co-starring with actress Talia Ryder, who plays the role of her ex’s new girlfriend. Obviously, fan theories began to emerge about whether she embodies Sabrina Carpenter and why there is no actor to play Joshua Basset. The singer has not said anything about it.

What is the subject of the song Good 4 U?

“Good 4 U” is a pop-punk, pop rock and teen pop song. It is set to electric guitars and drums, with lyrics directed at a former lover who moved on too quickly after a breakup.

Who broke Olivia’s heart?

The ‘Hish School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ star claimed in her song that Bassett broke her heart by leaving her for a blonde girl bigger than her, who also “is everything she’s insecure about.” That girl is Sabrina, who allegedly responded to him with the lyrics of her new single ‘Skin’.

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What is the story behind the song Drivers License?

The truth is that this song has the power to depress you in seconds and it tells a story of heartbreak that Olivia Rodrigo herself lived and wrote for her ex-boyfriend Joshua Basset, whom she met on the set of ‘High School Musical The Series: The Musical’.

Olivia rodrigo drivers license

But I don’t think this would have been what it is without the love triangle story that she was part of. Because yes, Drivers Licence is a good song but I think it did so well for her because everyone who has been through a breakup identified with her mood of: “You’re probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt. She’s bigger than me, she’s everything I’ve always been insecure about.”

The third snap for his debut was Good 4 u which he released with an amazing video and a very pop/rock sound that reminded many of Paramore or Avril Lavinge. Here again she talks about the relationship but from a very hurt perspective and I love that she is so honest in saying that she knows he is fine but she is still stuck and angry.

With those 3 songs already out I imagined a very powerful album but maybe I expected too much. This is because while I enjoyed listening to it a lot and there are songs that I would put on my playlist, it got a little repetitive at times with the story of: he left me for her, she’s better than me, I’m hurt, blahblahblah.

What was Olivia Rodrigo’s first song?

Rodrigo debuted in the music scene with his song “Drivers License” (Photo: Instagram / @oliviarodrigo).

What has Olivia Rodrigo won?

The singer swept her debut awards (she was the biggest winner of the night). Out of five nominations she won three: best push performance (Drivers License), best song (Good 4 U) and best new artist, an award that has been won by great singers such as: Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, among others.

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What is the meaning of Fuerza Natural de Gustavo Cerati?

It is about the beginning of a relationship after a series of failures and the great expectation that comes with the beauty that emerges from fragility. This was the last song Cerati performed touring with ‘Fuerza Natural’ before suffering the stroke that ultimately cost him his life.

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What happened with Olivia is that “drivers license” started to be used in Tik Tok trends. Soon young people began to identify with her songs and her album became one of the most anticipated albums of 2021.

It is clear that part of Olivia’s success comes from Tik Tok, where her singles became one of the most used trends by users. However, there are more characteristics that we can identify in her work and those are her evident musical influences.

Olivia Rodrigo’s style resembles Billie Eilish with a nostalgic voice or Lorde in “deja vu”, which gives us a sense of Taylor Swift’s funk in “traitor” and is complemented with tracks like “good 4 u”, which reminds us of what Paramore or Avril Lavigne were for past generations, talking about love breakups and how complicated life is with a 2000’s pop punk melody.

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